Monday, December 19, 2011


We are PT Tirta Bumindo Gemilang, manufacturer and distributor of health drinking water, natural spring water, mineral water, oxygen, RO (Reverse Osmosis) to the process of ozonation and ultra violet for retail and wholesale.

Brand :

Certificates :
•Dirjen HAKI
•MUI Halal
•SNI 01-3553-1996
•BPOM RI MD 249128001058
•LPPOM 01121029240508
•DepKes RI
Hasil Lab. Sucofindo

Production Process :
Ultrafiltrasi dengan Demin System (Germany Technology)
Reverse Osmosis
Ozonisasi (Ozonized)
Oksigenasi (Oxygenized)
Ultra Violet (UV Ray)

Marketing Team :
Manfaat Air (Benefits of Water)

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Air Minum Sehat

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